Knock makes posting to Craigslist easier than ever before!

Once you've installed our Chrome extension, posting to Craigslist is 3 steps!

Step 1: Log in to Extension

First click on the house in the top right corner of Chrome. Enter in the same username/email and password that you use on Knock when you login to Then click Log in

Step 2: Click "Post to Craigslist"

Once you are logged in to the extension, select the listing you want to post from the dropdown, and click Post to Craigslist:

This will take you to all the way to the page on Craigslist where you select the region.

Step 3: Login to Craigslist:

In the top right corner of Craigslist, click log in.

Note: If you see an email address in the top right instead of "log in", this means you are already logged in to CL. Ensure this email address is your special Knock tracking email, e.g. 

If it is, you can proceed to the next step.

If it does not look like this, click "log out" and log in to CL with the correct tracking email.

On this CL Log in page, you will log in to CL with the Craigslist username and password you were provided. It should be formatted like the one below (i.e. ending in

If you weren't given a Knock Craigslist account log ins, you need to adjust your current account with our tracking email.  Click here for instructions on how to do so. 

Step 4: Complete Post

Once you are on the usual posting page, click Autocomplete button at the top of the page and like magic, all of the fields on Craigslist are completed for you! Best of all, at the top of the body of the ad is the Knock scheduling link where renters can schedule a tour online with you 24/7.

If there's anything you wish to add or delete to the body of the CL ad (e.g. you have your own template), that's totally fine, you can do so after clicking Autocomplete:

Click "Continue" on Craigslist until you arrive at the images page. We will automatically upload your images, from Knock:

Note: if they haven't uploaded after a few seconds, click Re-upload Images at the very top of the page and all of your images from that listing will be  uploaded for you!

If you want to reorder, remove or add any of them you can do so on Craigslist in the usual way. 

Note: If you are missing a photo that you always want in there or want to remove one from the listing entirely, probably best to do so on your Knock account instead of doing so every time on Craigslist!

Step 5

To ensure your posts are tracked, you will want to click Get Posting Credit while logged in to your Knock tracking email on CL. Everytime you hit this page on Craigslist while logged into the Chrome extension, you will get credit for all your latest CL posts in your Knock analytics!

Watch a video walk through of posting to Craigslist here!

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