Your community is using self guided tours!  How exciting!  This guide will walk you through how these leads will differ from your traditional ones and help you understand the prospect's journey.  

To learn how to integrate self guided tours to your chat bot, click here!

How does it work? 

•  Your prospects access the self guided tour scheduling website through the Knock chat bot (via the self guided tour button) or directly through the 3rd party's website.
•. The prospect will be required on the 3rd party's website to fill in their information and book a tour.
•. The prospect profile will drop into Knock via API Syndication when the prospect books the appointment under Needs First Contact on the ToDo page.

•The prospects card will be red and no appointment will be on the calendar. You can reach out to them to clarify any questions they have before touring.
•. When the prospect is done touring the apartment, your third party vendor will sync a walk in even to their guest card within Knock along with the unit they toured. The lead will drop into Post-visit follow-ups section on your ToDo page.
•. You take it from there!  Conduct personal and thorough follow up and get that lease!


  1. The appointments will not drop into Knock.  You will see the appointment time in the incoming email notes.  Do not create an appointment within Knock as it will block off those times for self scheduled tours. 

  2. The status will still be new so you will want to reach out to them to not lower your Response Time.  It's a great opportunity to answer their questions before they tour.  It might be a new experience for them!  

  3. The Knock auto email will still go out to the new prospect.  This is great incase they choose not to stop by for their self guided tour appointment.  They will have your Knock contact information to reach back out to later.  

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