Knock's Craigslist report is a great way to understand how your properties are doing with their Craigslist posting. It includes details around how many posts are done along with outcomes form the posts and links directly to the posts themselves. One important note here is that Knock can only track posts that were made via the Knock Chrome Extension, so be sure to have your teams use that for the best visibility into your Craigslist advertising! Here is a glossary for all the data points in the report. We'll also outline below what all the filters and options will do to the report to make sure everything is crystal clear!


Summary Tab

Property: The property that the data is reflecting.
Posts: The number of posts for the property that were created through Knock.
Leads: The number of leads generated by Craigslist posts. This include leads marked as non-prospects.
Prospects: The number of prospects generated by Craigslist posts. This does not include leads marked as non-prospects.
Calls: The number of leads created by calls from Craigslist.
Emails: The number of leads created by email import from Craigslist.
Texts: The number of leads created by text from Craigslist.
Chats: The number of leads created by chat from Craigslist.
Schedules: The number of leads created by self scheduling from Craigslist.
Walk-Ins: The number of leads created by walk-in from Craigslist.
Leads/Post: The number of leads divided by the number of posts. This helps you understand the effectiveness of the posts on driving traffic.

Posts Tab
Property: The property the post was created for.
Post: A link directly to the post for auditing purposes.
Posted Date: The date the post was made.
Status: The status of the post. This will show if it is active or inactive.

Filters and Options

Date range: The date range for the posts and outcomes in the report.
Properties: This is a multi-select for what properties you'd like data for. You can also quickly select all properties by clicking the "Select all" link above the box.
By attributes: If you select all properties you'll see a link that says "By attributes". Clicking that will change the dropdown to reflect any custom attributes you've assigned to your properties. This could be attributes like Regional Manager or State. If you would like to set these up but don't have them already be sure to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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