Knock was the first CRM to bring the power of self-scheduling to multifamily, and we’ve been innovating ever since. Today, Knock’s scheduling automation tools are used by over 3 million apartment searchers a month, and converting prospects at the highest rates in the industry has ever experienced. Knock is now partnering with the biggest lead generation companies in the industry to enable prospective renters to self-book tours from anywhere across the internet, helping communities convert more leads than ever before.

With Knock Now:

  • More tours - Enjoy monthly tour increases up to 2.5x

  • Fewer no-shows - When prospects can schedule themselves, they’re more likely to show up 

  • Real-time availability - With 24/7 calendar syncing, your schedule will always be up to date

  • Increase productivity - Use automation to help site teams move faster and work more leads

  • World class integrations - Integrate your schedules with the top lead-gen sites in the world

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