Knock is able to track all of your Craigslist posts. In order to ensure your posts are tracked, you will need to ensure your leasing teams are doing a few things:

  1. They have the Chrome extension installed on their computer

  2. They are logged into Craigslist when they post, with the Knock tracking email (which should have the format

  3. They click "Get Posting Credit" every so often (we will update your analytics every time this page on CL is visited by someone with the Chrome extension)

Pro tip: We are actually able to track your CL posts with any email. If you have a domain, that's totally fine and we will automatically track. If your CL email does not follow any of the above formats and for some reason you do not want to change it to the Knock tracking email. just let us know what the CL email is for that leasing team, and we can track it.

Tracking Craigslist posts accurately can be a bit of a tricky business- after many iterations, we have settled on this current method as the best way. Basically anytime someone with the chrome extension goes to the Craigslist Account page (which the 'Get Posting Credit" button links out to), we will update our Knock analytics with the latest updates from directly within your CL account.

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