You can change your Propertyware email address to the Knock autoresponder email so that anyone who contacts you on a Propertyware listing will:

1. Receive an automatic customizable response from you with a link to schedule a tour online.

2. Automatically added to Knock as a lead (optional).

Here's how to change your Propertyware email:

Step 1:

First, login to your Propertyware (if you aren't already) by going here. Once logged in, click Setup in the top right corner of your homepage:

Step 2:

In the setup page that comes next, click Edit at the top so you can edit your email address:

Step 3:

In the Email field and the Reply to Email field, delete your current email and replace it with your Knock autoresponder email. When you have updated both fields, click Save at the top

If you don't already have your Knock autoresponder email, click here for how to retrieve it and copy it to your clipboard.

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