Now that you have Knock Self Guided Tours working, what does it look like for you?

Knock Self Guided Tours (KSGT), when activated, will be an option for your prospects to self schedule with or for you and the leasing team to schedule the prospect for.

When the appointment is self scheduled, a blue banner will pop up on the Knock dashboard, alerting you of the tour.

Whether self scheduled or agent booked, you can tell the appointment is a self guided tour if you see the key next to the appointment in the Prospect Profile or the Calendar.

KSGT prospects will still get an appointment confirmation email but this time it will also include instructions for self guided tours, as stated on your Admin dashboard.

Once the tour time passes, the KSGT is the same as any appointment. It will drop into your Appointments Pending Completion section of your ToDo page and will need confirmation and a shown unit tied to it.

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