Our prospects have busy schedules and today's customer needs flexibility in when and how they can tour apartments. Self-guided tours are a popular option for our prospects since it isn't restricted to just the community's business hours. That's where Knock Self-Guided Tours comes in!

Knock's Self-Guided Tours is an internal Knock feature that allows you the control of when and where prospects self tour, all within your Knock desktop and Admin dashboards. Prospects can schedule through the Knock Doorway already on your websites and favorite ILSs while agents have the opportunity to provide instructions and information through Knock just like they would any other tour type.

How do we get started?

This feature will need to be turned on by a Knock admin or Knock team member. To enable Knock Self-Guided Tours, go to the Admin dashboard and Scheduling. From there check Enable Knock Self-Guided Tours.

From there, you need to set the hours available to the public for self guided tours. Simply scroll down the Self-Guided Touring Hours and adjust as needed. The default hours will be 9-5, 7 days a week.

Now that Knock Self-Guided Tours is activated, we can customize the user experience. On the Admin dashboard, under Templates, you can customize the instructions automatically sent via the appointment confirmation email under Self-Guided Tour Instructions. Here is where you will put in key codes, where to get the key, what unit they will be touring. Add any information you need the prospect to know before the tour so they are set up for a great experience!

Finally, you will need to update your Legal Disclaimer. These will be fields displayed to the prospect when they go to book the self guided tour. You can also include a hyperlink option to take them to a new page if necessary. This is found under Admin > Dooway.

You are all set! Visit our Knock Self-Guided Tour walk through to see how it will work in real life!

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