While Knock CRM provides a variety of ways to communicate with prospects and residents, some customers choose to also leverage third-party email marketing services. These service providers, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, are a great way to communicate with people who aren’t residents or prospects in Knock CRM but there are some caveats:

  1. You should contact support@knockcrm.com to get a custom Source created. A custom Source will give you a unique tracking email address so that leads generated by external marketing are appropriately attributed.

  2. You must originate the email from your own domain. Knock CRM uses anti-impersonation controls to prevent spammers from abusing our product domains. We are unable to allowlist individual properties to send on behalf of Knock CRM, so any email sent outside our platform claiming to be from a Knock domain will be rejected by the receiving mail server. There are two ways you can still achieve source attribution:

    1. Configure the From address with an email address at your property's domain and then configure the Reply-to address with the source attribution email address; or,

    2. Work with your IT to set up a relay redirect address on your property’s domain that points towards your custom Knock CRM relay address.

When you follow these two guidelines, you’ll enrich your marketing analytics and ensure your messages are successfully delivered.

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