Business Hours and Scheduling

• Manage and maintain your “doorway” scheduling tool, detail the properties “office hours” for reporting, and so much more.

• Define the tour types, and hours, your team is available for scheduling a tour (both automatic and manual).

Review Your Marketing and Reporting

• Review your active sources, create new tracking credentials and clarify source fee details for your marketing material.

• Set up your UTM Parameters and add Dynamic Number Insertion to your website for proper source attribution.

• Monitor your team’s performance and engagement using our Insights, Boxscore and Conversion Reporting

• Dive deep into data and analytics - and learn ways to decipher and improve your current statistics!

Manage Your Users

• Need to make changes to your current property roster? Delete, add or update your users all in one place!

• Have a floating leasing agent? Set them up with multi-site access with ease.

Sign Up For Additional Training!

Knock University: Sign up for additional training on admin access and weekly analytics courses!

Help Center: Research all the options available to you and your properties at your convenience.

Video Library: Watch all there is to know about Knock in quick bites to get you back to your day.

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