Virtual tours are a fun way to show prospects all the value of your community without having them right there.  Maybe they are being transferred to the area and won't have time to visit before moving?  Knock's live video tour option lets you host video calls from platforms like Google Hangouts. 

Learn more about live chats here

To find the link you need to use the live video feature from Google Hangouts, follow these simple steps. 

Step 1:  Create a daily reoccurring event within a Google Calendar for the infinite future.  You can do this by clicking the date/time you want this meeting to first start and hit more options.

Step 2: Under Add Conferencing, choose Google Meet. 

Step 3:  The invite will create a link.  Copy that link.  This is what you will put into the Knock Admin Dashboard

Step 3: When it's time to host a video, go to that calendar's Google Meet and choose that reoccurring meeting to start the video stream with your prospect. 

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