If you have a website bot or some existing widgets on your website you can still enjoy all of the benefits of Knock's built in scheduling functionality and also our industry leading source attribution technology! We integrate seamlessly via a simple process outlined here.

Steps to integrate

If you have a form or a bot on your website and would like to integrate Knock's first class scheduling functionality follow these steps:

  • (Optional) If you have a different chatbot and do not want to use Knockbot, you will need to turn this functionality off first. To do so simply uncheck that option in the Knock Admin section.

  • Install Doorway (the software behind Knockbot) on your website. Note that you'll need to work with your webmaster or whoever runs your property website to get this piece done. Don't worry though, it only needs to be installed once! This snippet of code is found on the Doorway settings in our Admin page and you simply copy it and insert it onto your site in the "head" section.

  • Once you've got the code installed on your site, for any request that would trigger an appointment schedule simply use the following link style. That will initiate our scheduling modal. This ensures that you're getting the full value of the Knock scheduling system which is the industry leader. Additionally, you'll have the benefit of capturing the lead source if you've used the "UTM_Knock" parameters provided by our Customer Success team so that you have fewer misattributed leads!

That's it! You're up and running with any tool or form on your website with the full power of Knock's integrating scheduling functionality.

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