Knock's Appointments report is a great way to better understand the conversion outcomes of the appointments made in Knock for your properties. It includes details around upcoming appointments and appointment completion rates viewable by a marketing source and agent alongside property This will empower you to have a better understanding on how to improve your appointment outcomes. Here is a glossary for all the data points in the report. We'll also outline below what all the filters and options will do to the report to make sure everything is crystal clear!

The data here does not include walk in activities.

Report Fields

First field (Group by field): By default this is Property as the first field. This will change depending on what you group by. More details on the "Group by" functionality below!
Total: This is the total number of appointments that were scheduled in the time frame of the report. A scheduled appointment is defined as an appointment that was created via Knock's automation tools or via your leasing team manually.

Self Scheduled: The number of tours that were scheduled via Knock's automation tools for your team. This is time saved for your team! It reflects users that self schedule via Knockbot or via our autoresponder. Additionally, it captures any self scheduled leads on an ILS via our Knock Now product where users can direct schedule in the ILS.

Agent Scheduled: The number of tours that were scheduled by the onsite team.

Booked: How many appointments were booked.

Incomplete: Number of tours that were incomplete in the system (not confirmed or marked as no show)

No-Show: The number of no-show appointments. These are those that were not cancelled but the prospect did not show up. Again, use this to understand where there are gaps in your appointment flow and address.

Cancelled: The number of prospect cancelled appointments. This can help you decipher where you're getting lots of cancelled appointments to correct on.

Visited: How many actually toured and were completed. We also include self guided and live video tours.

Prospects: These are hyperlinks for the prospect profiles that had appointments booked

Source: This field is populated by where the prospect first contacted us through

Date Scheduled: The date here is the date of the appointment. It is expected for there to be duplicates if a prospect books multiple appointments.
Upcoming: The number of future appointments set. This does not change based on the date range of the report and will always show the same number. This is great to understand the number of appointments in the hopper for your portfolio.
Completed: The number of successful appointments. These are appointments that were set and marked as successful in the Knock CRM.
Scheduled: The total number of future appointments currently scheduled.
Total Units: Total number of units on the property

Report Options

Drill Down:
You can click on any row and you will see the individuals who have set appointments alongside their outcomes. This is great to dive in and get into the weeds to understand who is and isn't showing up for their appointments. You may see multiple appointment for the same person if 2 or more were scheduled during that time frame.

Date Range: This sets the dates for the report to refer to.
Properties: This is a multi select field to select one or more properties. To select all, simply uncheck all the selected properties. The report will default to show all properties.
More Filters:
Sources: This is a multi select field that you can select sources to trim your results. For example, if you wanted to see all your properties' appointment completion rates for Property Website, you can select property website in this field to get that view.
Agents: This is a multi select field that you can filter down to specific agent(s) conversion results. This may identify if an agent has a low appointment completion rate to coach on.

Group by: This is the real power of the report. By default the report is grouped by Property. However, you have the following items that you can group it by to get a different perspective on your traffic and outcomes:


  • The default setting, this will group your results by the property. Great to compare properties against each other.


  • This will group the results by the marketing source. This is super powerful, as you can look across multiple properties to understand how a particular marketing source is doing at a property or multiple property level.


  • This will group by leasing agent so that you can diagnose appointment performance issues in your team.

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