Knock is a CRM tool designed with the leasing agent in mind. We work with your marketing, sales and management teams to establish an account catered to your company preferences. 

Using tracking information created by Knock and placed on each of your marketing locations, Knock has the ability to gather all new inquiries into your personal account for contact and follow up. 

Once entered it will appear in your Knock account to be contacted!

Whether that is through call, text, email, form or chat - Knock enables the prospect to reach out to you directly and prompts an automatic message so that they know you will soon be in contact. They also have the ability to instantly book a tour from your property website and select marketing listings so that they no longer need to wait - urging them to act right away. This tour will be automatically booked in your Knock calendar which you can prepare for and preemptively respond to without any stress.

Knock’s scheduling tool also allows for prospects to review and access details around your community and other property information, like your neighborhood or current specials, without ever having to pick up the phone. Once they have decided to contact you - that information will be held on your dashboard as a new contact to follow up with and from there you are off to the races!

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