Reporting gets automated. Deleting users gets... possible!

In this round of exciting product updates we’ve checked off two big requests we’ve received through customer feedback: automated report scheduling (yep, even with PDF's) and additional autonomy for Admin’s to delete user accounts.

Prepare thy inbox. Report scheduling has arrived 

Knock Analytics reports can now be sent directly to your inbox, any time you want. Whether you're monitoring leasing team performance or optimizing your sales funnel, Knock's new Analytics features have made it easy to schedule and send the right data to the right people at the right time.

  • Save reports - Create a report once and come back to it with a click. 

  • Select your format - Choose from PDF, CSV, Email, or all of the above.

  • Schedule email  - Pick a cadence for our Knock robots to send reports to you and your teams. 

Deleting user accounts: let’s do some fall cleaning

Bringing some much desired autonomy for managers, user accounts can now be deleted quickly from within your Admin account, helping keep your data clean and access secure.

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