This describes how property websites and 3rd party widgets laying on top of these websites can interact with Knock CRM.  If you have a contact form or any sort of prospect experience (e.g. chatbot, prospect preferences journey, etc.) where contact information is collected, you’ll want to submit this information to Knock CRM. Outlined below are the 3 options for creating this interaction:

Inserting Leads

Replace Contact Form with Knock Contact Form (#1)

1. The option we recommend most highly is to replace your contact form with the Knock contact form. To do this, you have to first make sure Doorway is installed via the javascript snippet and then simply add a button to open the contact form:

The benefit of this method is:

  • Minimal development time- simply copying and pasting JS snippet + HTML button- no need to build or maintain your own contact form.

  • Source attribution will work out of the box- if ?utm_knock=z  is in the URL, for example, we will know to attribute this lead to "Zillow" instead of "Property Website", without any work from you. If you use one of the below methods to insert leads, you'll need to manually create this source attribution functionality yourselves.

Keeping your existing Contact Form (#2 & #3)

Alternatively, if you want to keep your existing contact form you have 2 remaining options for inserting those leads into Knock:

2. Send leads to Knock via our prospect insertion API. Note this will require signing our API Terms of Service, and the Knock team will have to issue you your API_Key  once you've signed.

3. If you are unable to do either of the above, you can send in leads via our standard email format. This is not as ideal as either of the two above options, but an option if you don't want to use the Knock contact form and you're unable to make API calls.

Scheduling a Tour

The above covers how to insert a lead into Knock, but it does not allow for prospects to actually schedule a tour. Prospects may be able to "request" a tour time in the form on your website, but that is simply going to show up as a text field in the email or API call to Knock, meaning the leasing team will have to call or email the lead in order to confirm the appointment time.

If you want prospects to be able to book a tour in Knock based on the leasing team's realtime availability, your best bet is adding a "Book Tour" button where you'd like prospects to schedule that opens up the Knock Doorway scheduling form:

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