Understanding how your prospective and current residents interact with your property website is key to improving your effectiveness online. Live now is our brand new integration with Google Analytics that does just that!

By simply checking a box in the Admin portal of Knock under the Doorway settings you can enable this new integration at your property. The best part is that as long as you already have Google Analytics installed on your property website, there is no other configuration needed! Once enabled, you should very quickly notice new events showing up in your Google Analytics dashboards (give it a day).

The integration allows Knock to push events into your Google Analytics account. You can view reporting on the events in your Google Analytics dashboard in the Behavior section of the tool. We have events firing on all of the touch points, so you can get as granular in the reporting as you’d like. Click here for a full list of the event categories, actions, and labels for reference. We’ve also got a set of help articles ready to help implement this feature here.

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