Source costs feed directly into your Ad Spend report. In order to update or add a source cost, simply:

1. Click on Sources from your Admin dashboard

2. Next to the individual source, click None under the Fee Type column

3. Within the next pop-up, you have a few options to customize your pricing:

Cost Type: Source costs can be associated by lease, lead, OR month. 

Time: You will have options to back data the cost, start it in the current month or a future month. Note that when you add a cost, it will be automatically set to update perpetually to all future months moving forward.

  1. If you are backfilling a cost, simply go to the month and year the source started, enter the cost type and amount then click on Apply to future in order to autofill the cost from that time on

  2. If you are starting a new cost, you have a couple options

Find the current month by selecting To current month.

Select Next Month until you find the month you want to start with.

Then just enter the dollar amount!

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