Your Prospect tab has many different options to make your lead management life easier!  To do this, you need to be able to get the right group of leads together.  This can do be with the different filter options and header sortings.  


Start/End date (red): Leads that were created or had activity within this time frame will generate in the list.
Status (green): You can narrow your search even more by filtering by all our available status (New, Open, Lost, Not a Prospect, All, Active, Applied, Booked, Cancelled, Visited)
Property (blue): If your site has multiple properties tied to it, you can drill into a specific property's leads.
Owner (pink): This filter will give the options of any users in the account, including the House account and an all option.
Waitlist (purple): This will pull only leads that are classified as Waitlist by selecting the option within the prospect profile itself. 


Every header on the prospect tab allows you to sort the leads in different ways.  The ToDo page will sort the leads by the follow up indicator (red, yellow and green).  Name will put them alphabetically.  Beds is numerically, move date and follow up will sort by chronological order.  All the headers allow the leads to be sorted more strategically. 

Learn how to conduct strategic target marketing to old leads on the Prospects tab here

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